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Flags & Mats


Move-in Gifts


Office Name Tags

Mat options include property specific logos to be printed on either brown or navy mats or the NALS logo to be printed on navy mats.  NALS flags are also available in Navy. For questions please email Hattie at

The Move-in Gifts page includes ordering for: Reusable Bags, Cutting Boards, Keychains, Reusable Tumblers & Notepads. You can also purchase logo items including Wine Keys, Doggy Bags, and Umbrellas. For questions please email Hattie at

The Name Tags are for office employees and are pre-paid. HQ will submit a reimbursement on your behalf 2x a year. For questions please email Hattie at


Marketing Materials

M Uniform.JPEG

Maintenance Uniforms

Screen Shot 2023-03-17 at 11.06.54 AM.png

Maintenance Badges

Marketing Materials are ordered through ApartmentIdeas and include: Brochures, Business Cards, Move-in Folders, Thank-You Cards, Magnets, Review Cards, Water Bottle Labels, Self-Guided Tour Signage, Now Hiring Signage (A-Frames, Feather Flags, and Banners) For questions please email Hattie at

Maintenance Uniforms include ordering for: Long Sleeve Non-Iron Shirts and Short Sleeve Polos in White, Grey, Navy, and Steel Grey. Username: 00N-Property#. For questions please email Mark at

The Maintenance Badges are created internally. Please follow the linked instructions. For questions please email Mark at

Property Pens


For assistance ordering property pens, please email Hattie at

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